Rules and Regulations


  • Participants taking part in Rajagiri eMarathon should adhere to the Covid-19 pandemic guidelines issued by their respective government bodies.
  • Participants will be responsible for selection of route, machines or equipment for taking part in eMarathon. Rajagiri and other entities will not be responsible for any accidents and injuries sustained due to taking part in E-marathon.
  • By registering in Rajagiri eMarathon event you are accepting that organizing committee will be contacting you to confirm your entry and provide all technical details for participating in the event. The data collected during the process will be kept securely as per our data privacy policy.
  • Children are welcome to take part in eMarathon events but should be accompanied and closely supervised by a responsible adult (age more than 18) at all times
  • Confirmation email will be sent to all successful registrations. Please keep this confirmation email, for verification in case of any event related issues.
  • In case any false information or misleading information is brought to the eMarathon committee notice, the participant registration will stand cancelled.
  • The organizing committee can cancel/modify the events or its rules and regulations as per the situations and conditions existing before or during the event.
  • Results are considered as per the reading from our instructed step-tracking app(App name and other instructions will be given through email once registration is completed).
  • Once you register the event, it is digitally considered you have agreed the rules and regulation of the event.


  • The event will be conducted in two phases – Fit Run (28th September to 2nd October 2020) and Challenge Run (5th to 9th October 2020)
  • The Fit Run phase is an eligibility round for the main event where participants have to complete 21.1 Kms distance in 5 days. In case participants fail to achieve the target run they will not qualify to be a part of the main event.
  • The timeline will be considered based on International Standard Time (UTC) for all activities in the event.
  • All participants who will be completing 21.1 Kms in Phase 1 will receive E- certificate from Government of India Youth and Sports Ministry.
  • The Main event will be for 42.2 Kms (full marathon) during the period of five days.
  • All participants selected for main event will be divided into eight different categories based on their age.


  • The winner of the event in each category will be judged based on highest run- kilometers completed.
  • In case of a tiebreaker the winner will be awarded based on event's social media (Rajagiri emarathon FB Page) engagement.
  • Social Media engagement socres will for participants shall be based on the number of likes and posts garnered over the duration of the event (Rajagiri emarathon FB Page).
  • Winners will have to submit a valid government Identity Card for age proof. Failing to provide ID cards will result in cancellation of the prize.
  • All decisions made by the legal and organizing committee of the rajagiri eMarathon will be final in case of any dispute or grievances.