Events Diary
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Sl No Date and Time Event 1 (8.00 am-8.15am IST) Event 2 (10am IST) Event 3 (3pm IST)
1 28th September Inauguration ceremony Concept Presentation: Dr Issac Varghese Student Performance 1/2/3 Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Jessy Fenn Webinar on “Yoga and mental Health” *Ms Chetna Badekhar, Academic Director, Yogachethana School of Yoga and Research, Karnataka
2 29th September Yoga session 1 [Yoga practices to boost immunity and manage stress A set of yoga curriculum inclined with the Ministry of AYUSH-QCI. This will be presented in 14 Episodes by *certified yoga professionals* of YOGACHETHANA™️ College of Yoga and Research, Mangalore.] Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Ann Baby 1.Level of Physical Activity of Young Adults *Mr Abin T Joseph, Alumni, RCSS **Dr Anish K R 2.Physical Inactivity: Need for a Global response *Dr G Geetha Krishnan, Technical Officer, World Health Organisation Yoga Session 1 Student Performance 4 (MCA/MSc Data Analytics)
3 30th September Yoga session 2 Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Kiran Thampi 1. COVID 19 and mental health of children *Alan George, Albin Babu **Dr Rajeev S P 2. COVID 19 and Mental Health of Foster Care *Dr Justin Rogers, Director of Programmes and Knowledge, Martin James Foundation, UK Yoga Session 2 Student Performance 5 (MSW)
4 1st October Yoga session 3 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Rajeev S P 1. Emotional Connectedness and Social Media Exposure among college students during COVID-19 *Haritha K Prahlad, Minnu Mathew **Dr. Kiran Thampi 2. Adolescent refugees in Urban Settings in Uganda Dr George Palattiyil, MSW Programme Director, University of Edinburgh, Scotland
5 2nd October Yoga session 4 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Susan Mathew 1.COVID-19 survivors, Social Connectedness, and family support *Mr Vishnuprasad M , Anna Maria **Dr Kiran Thampi 2. Public Health Approaches to address Suicide *Dr Jed Metzger, Professor, Nazareth College, USA Yoga Session 4 Student Performance 7 (PGDM)
6 3rd October Yoga session 5 Expert Sessions: Moderator: Prof Gokul M Nair 1.. Psychosocial State of General Public during initial stage of lockdown *Ms Hashana Shrestha, Clinical Psychologist & Lecturer, Kadambari Memorial College, Nepal 2. LIVE Link to TRANCEND, KAKKAND CAMPUS, Zoom Webinar-Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Lockdown *Ms Bency Joseph, Cognitive Behavioural Therapist, Trauma Support Facilitator, CAMHS, Lancashire, UK Student Performance 8 (MBA/MHRM) Yoga session 5
7 4th October Yoga session 6 Video1 : Rajagiri: Swatch Bahrath Campus Video 2: COVID Activities of RAJAGIRI Yoga session 6
8 5th October Yoga session 7 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Benyne Jos Palayoor 1. Mental Health and Well Being of Health Professionals *Ms Jisha J, Namika Maria Aji, ** Abshana Jamal 2. Analysis of AWAZ Health insurance and migrant labourers in Kerala *Sajin K Sebastian, Minu Mary William 3. Harm Reduction and Stage Matched treatment *Dr Jennifer Harrison, Associate Professor and Interim Director Western Michigan University School of Social Work, USA Student Performance 9 (BSC Psychology) Yoga session 7
8 6th October Yoga session 8 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Dr Jessy Fenn 1.Mental and physical health of the elderly during Covid 19 *Ayana Babu, Candice Maria, Dilna Mathew ** Dr. Kiran Thampi 2. Stress and quality of sleep among college students during COVID 19 *Christeena Johnson, Delna Binson **Dr. Anish K.R 3. Mental health and wellbeing of college students attending online classes due to COVID19 *Sneha Joseph, Melbin Joseph, Arunima S. ** Dr. Anish K. R Student Performance 10 (MSc Psychology)
9 7th October Yoga session 9 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator:Dr Neetha Devan 1.Mental Health of Pregnant women during COVID 19 Pandemic * Basuri Balan, Neetha Varghese **Dr Kiran Thampi 2. Review on access to sustainable menstrual health and hygiene practices in India *Sikha Janardhanan, Nongamithem Jerina ** Dr Rajeev S P 3.. Impact of Social Media Influence on Mental Health of Children and Adolescents *Arun Joseph, Ms Malavika Unni **Abshana Jamal Student Performance 11(Library Science) Yoga session 9
10 8th October Yoga session 10 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Prof Riya Mary 1.Influence of OTT platforms on the mental wellbeing among youth- *Laya N ,Sreelekshmi D **Dr Anish K R 2. Introduction to Life style and Health coaching *Ms Eveline Le Roy Co-ordinator international relations Applied Social Studies, Vives University of Applied Sciences, Belgium Student Performance 12 (BCom) Yoga session 10
11 9th October Yoga session 11 Academic Paper & Expert Session: Moderator: Prof Riya Mary 1.Wellbeing of children who witness domestic violence *Sr Amala D , Anusree S **Abshana Jamal 2. Access to health and wellbeing of interstate migrant workers in India *Dr Anish K R 3.Mental Health Promotion *Ms Sophie Diamandi Manager, Community Outreach Centre University of South Australia
12 0th October Yoga session 12 Yoga session 13 aledictory Function Student Performance-14/15/16/17